Gibb’s Farm
Organic Materials
Everything used in the African Living Spa is organic, sourced or made locally. 

  Cape Chestnut Oil
The seeds are crushed and dried in the sun to guard against possible mould contamination. They are then cold pressed by a Komet screw expeller and then filtered. Cape Chestnut oil is a totally natural product free from pesticides. As it is unrefined and extracted at low temperatures it retains all its natural characteristics such as the unsaturated fatty acid, vitamins, proteins and natural antioxidants.

Fatty acid profile	Myristic 14:0		trace
		    		Palmitic 16:0		17.4%
		    		Palmitoleic 16:1n-7	 0.4
    		                Stearic 18:0		 5.5
		   		Oleic	18:1		42.7
	               		Linoleic 18:2n-6	31.8
                                   Linolenic 18:3n-3	 0.9
	               		Arachidic 20:0	0.5
		      		Erucic 22:0		 0.1
Analysed  by Institute for Chemistry and Physics of Fats.
Muenster, Germany  

Other specifications		
                  Unsaponifiable matter                   0.41%
	       (alpha tocopherol mg/g)                 0.019
	       Peroxide value (meq O2/kg oil)	0.58
	       Acid value(mgKOH/g oil)		0.48
Analysed by Efamol Research Institute, Canada 
  Gibb’s Farm Water
Water on the farm comes from two deep water wells which serve a new storage system. Although the water is regularly tested totally safe, we further filter it using Katadyn filters before placing it in water pitchers including the ice machine water.
                                Dissolved solids          7.5
                                Turbidity                     56
                                Calcium                       15
                                Chloride                       6
                                Fluoride                      0.36
                                Nitrite                        0.15
                                Potassium                     5
  The Bath
Coconut oil
Olive oil
Potassium hydroxide
Distilled water
Essential oils
Stabiliser & Roxin as preservative
Emulsifying wax
Coconut oil
Essential oils
Roxin as preservative
Bath salts
Natural sea salt
Essential oils
Dried herbs and flower petals

  Plant Medicines
The Osero Forest Clinic’s research team has validated many indigenous medicines and remains fascinated by the active ingredients in Maasai Indigenous Medicine that have been found to have the same make up as well-known Western pharmaceuticals. Some have been documented by botanical artist Riziki Kateya, a regular SANAA Artist-in-Residence. Some of her works are photographed at right, and in the SANAA web pages here.

  Organic Food
For nearly five decades Gibb’s Farm has been restoring weary travelers with natural organic foods and the tranquility of the beautiful gardens and views.   For a complete description see Dining & Cuisine link above or here.http://www.harmonyproject.info/art/RIziki_Kateya.htmlDining_%26_Cuisine.htmlshapeimage_14_link_0shapeimage_14_link_1

Each of the treatments draws on centuries old Maasai tradition and a knowledge of Western spa therapeutics.  Only organic, natural materials are used.

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0rmakutukut - Relieves arthritis or rheumatism and small infections.

Enjani Engusero , Neem Tree, - aids malaria, soothes the stomach.

Ormabait, Croton Microchaitus - Cleans the digestive and bile system and eases pain in the joints

Ematasia, Clausena Anisata, Rutaceae - A simple tooth brush when the end of the twig is spayed, the fruits are eaten are a pleasant taste, roots and leaves are boiled to aid the liver.

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