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Savor the delicate natural flavors of organic foods; Gibb’s Farm has been serving “Slow Food” for over 40 years.  

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  Living Spa Food Menus
Food as medicine is one of the most important and powerful of all healing and wellness principles that is fully embraced at the African Living Spa.  For nearly five decades Gibb’s Farm has been restoring weary travelers with natural foods and the tranquility of the beautiful gardens and views. Food should be natural, delicious to look at, taste and smell, rich in healing nutrients, pleasant to digest and energy giving in order to produce optimum health.

The African Living Spa treatments are considered passive exercise and though relaxing they are deeply therapeutic.  This means they help the body to work, cleanse and rejuvenate.  After such satisfying care the body needs to be strengthened with nourishing food and drink.  For this reason, following a personalized treatment one is encouraged to take a light spa meal prepared with organic meats, fruits and vegetables that are grown on the farm. 

The farm has never used artificial fertilizers or pesticides.  It was untouched by the post World War II Green Revolution movement that spread artificial fertilizers and pesticide to many under developed nations.  The methods honored follow years of practice of indigenous and organic cultivation methods.

Meals are offered at a choice of locations each with an individual quality providing contemplative solitude.  Meals are always scheduled before treatments are received.  Gibb’s Farm has been serving “Slow Food” for over 40 years. 

Savor the delicate natural flavors of organic foods and sip a restorative beverage and gently allow the tempo to shift whilst sustaining a deeply renewed sense of serenity.  Find yourself:

  1. on your cottage veranda

  2. enjoying the panoramic views from the cottage bay window

  3. warmed in front of the cottage fireplace

  4. in a picnic setting surrounded by the aromas of the extensive gardens

  5. in a secluded place amongst the powerful forest trees in the estate reserve

If a treatment was received in the Engishon Supot, the native healing house or boma, a light a light meal is served in the forest dining venue adjacent to a stream under old forest trees concludes the event.  Set next to the verdant valley where the Massai and farm dairy cows live supporting the African Living Spa, it is the ideal spot to transition from the quiet seclusion of the thatched roofed, mud walled boma shelter: the eyes rest on the open valley where the resident Morani warrior watches his cows and tend the fields that spread out around you.  Take time to digest and savor the smells and sights.  When they feel complete, ring the thigh—bell and the Morani (warrior) will leave the valley and provide escort back to the cottage dwelling, high above the valley.  Enjoy silent union as the walk and rest ensues, winding your way homeward.   Though there is no formal language in common,  appreciation for shared intelligence and the caring nature of one’s Morani guide quickly occurs.  Do not be surprised if by the end of your journey you are laughing, signing together and exchanging “stories” before returning to the familiar comfort of your cottage.

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