Gibb’s Farm

  Healing Through 
the Use of Heat & Water
Salud Per Aqua
So as to include the European-style water-based spa experiences desired by western travelers, similar water treatments are incorporated into the African Living Spa experience - but with a uniquely African twist.  Cottage spaces embrace the power of solar-delivered heat and water as a cleansing and liberating force.  In keeping with engongú engare or second key Maasai value and the power of a water source, these various ‘wet’ treatments are designed to be experienced at leisure, or with the aid of the African Living Spa healer. Each are developed in line with more traditional Maasai healing treatments, giving familiar bathing and exfoliating scrub experiences a new dimension.

  Bathtub Fireplace & 
the Garden Shower
The bathing rooms of the Gibb’s Farm cottages are literally set in the garden, since most of the adjacent walls have been replaced with glass to bring in the open space. Cottage windows open wide – allowing the intoxicating floral aromas and dancing sunlight to fill each room.

Immersion begins when medicine is prepared at the fireplace by the healer, as the powers of the open fire warms the therapeutic medicine or Olkaria clay mud.  Following this sybaritic experience, a languorous rinse in either the garden or the fireside shower slows down the cadence.  After this rinse, recovery concludes in the rocking chair facing the bathing area fireplace, the fiery glow of its flames dancing on the bath water and glittering in the window glass.

Suspended from the trees of cottage’s outdoor bathing area, or the ceiling beam of the indoor shower area, the Gibb’s Farm’s home-made Vichy-like shower gently rinses away the clay/medicinal Olkaria or coffee scrub and gently removes the exfoliates.

  A Cottage Life
The goal is for every traveler to feel that they are a long term friend of the Gibb’s Farm family and a vital part of the African Living Spa community.  While visiting one may receive treatments, meals and visitors in the ample comfort of one’s home away from home.  Please make your cottage a familiar refuge after full days and enjoyable adventures. 

  The Forest Setting
Africa is as beautiful and varied as the surrounding landscapes. Nestled between the wildlife rich Serengeti Plains, the Great Rift Valley, and the lush Ngorongoro Forest is the Living Spa.  The spa’s inspiring treatment settings have been beautifully integrated into the guest cottages, fragrant gardens and thickly forested slopes of the Ngorongoro Forest. The magnificence of the location, the healing properties of the local fauna and flora, and the energy that comes from a community living in harmony, all contribute to an extraordinary renewing experience.

  Benefits of 
Harmonious Design
In the belief that surroundings contribute to a healthy state of mind, strong emphasis is placed on the design of spaces that cultivate a sense of tranquility. Private accommodations skillfully combine the stunning beauty of the surroundings with art, textiles, and furnishings within, often crafted by members of the farm community. One can choose from a variety of environments in which to have his or her treatments, from the Farm cottage massage bed placed near the fireplace or under a shower, to a cow-skin on the floor of an indigenous healing dwelling to the shade of a sacred Oreteti tree. Watch a Boma shelter being built in the traditional way here and at right.
  Immersion in 
the Natural World
Simply spending time in a wild and lovely place has a unique way of reviving anyone who’s feeling tired or burdened. Plenty of ways to get therapy are available all in a spectacular setting that witnessed the birth of humankind: hiking, canoeing, and mountain biking, outdoor yoga, birding and forest runs. Natural history and wellness talks are given daily on many topics about the area, often by acclaimed experts in the field. Building.htmlshapeimage_15_link_0

To further your knowledge we offer opportunities to learn more about nutrition, stress reduction and the benefits of goal setting and personal adventure.

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“Consultation before departure is an important part of the process. My conversations with Dr Pergola after the event confirmed important elements I discovered during the experience.”
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