Gibb’s Farm
7:00  Morning bird walk
8:00  Garden breakfast
9:00  African Living Spa consultation
10:00 Farm & garden walk
11:00 Engishon House treatment
13:00 Spa farm lunch after treatment
14:00 Garden Shower, prepare for safari
14:30 Depart for late afternoon game drive 
17:00 Sundowners at the Hippo Pool, Manyara Park
18:00 Medicinal talk
20:00 Dinner
21:00 Naturlist Talk - the Ngorongoro Lion
Typical Day Schedule

The Rhythm of the Farm is healing.

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   Day Schedule

The Gibb’s Farm experience has been designed as a destination, not a one or two night say.  To get the most out of the Living Museum and African Living Spa, up to two weeks are recommended.   Located within a half hour of both Lake Manyara National Park and Ngorongoro Conservation Area the farm is a perfect base camp and sanctuary.

Here is a one day resident schedule example:

  Focus on Rejuvenation

A comprehensive offering of activities, light and hardy, are offered daily on the Farm.  View here for a complete video sampling:

A Cottage Life
Garden Sunset
The Farmhouse view has been compared to California’s Napa Valley. With terraced flower gardens at your feet, ancient trees overhead and a grassy knoll set with chairs and low tea tables, the African sun descends into the valley, putting on a memorable show each evening. Or, enjoy a sundowner at the 
fireplace in the vegetable garden.

Medicine Walk & Medicine Talk
Healer Ole Labiki Menyangera shares plants commonly used in the Osero Forest Clinic, African Living Spa and indigenous wellness systems of his people. 
Farm Style Meals
Enjoy Gibb’s Farm farm-style meals every day in the farmhouse. Fresh, healthy, and hearty meals stimulate the senses and restore energy.  Creative chef Kuntal plans all menus according to the Farm’s seasons.  Ninety percent  of ingredients used are fresh from the Farm’s 10-acre organic fruit, herb & vegetable garden; dairy and pig farm.

Garden Tour
Horticulturist Lazaro supervises the care of hundreds of species of flora, and herb gardener Daudi tends to the aromatic herb garden.        It is a tour through a natural history museum: many plants have been here since 1959, when Margaret Gibb, an avid gardener, planted the first seed.  Eight gardens are explored: Rose Garden, Formal English Herb Garden, Kitchen Herb Garden, Cactus Garden, Margerite’s Garden, Vegetable, Medicine Garden and the Farm Floral Gardens.

A Farm Life
Farm Walk
Experience a real working farm and try your hands at milking a cow on the Farm Walk.  Explore 10 acres of organic vegetables and fruit, and 30 acres of coffee.  Visit the furniture workshop and learn how Gibb’s Farm practices responsible tourism and sustainable, organic farming methods.

Estate Forest Walk
Explore the diversity of the Gibb’s Farm estate on this 2-hour walk, guided by a trained naturalist.  In the quiet forest discover birds, relax near the waterfall, and experience four forest reserve.  A great walk for birders!

Gibb’s Farm is home to over 220 species of birds – an avid birders paradise.  Many travelers enjoy sitting in the gardens, binoculars trained on flowers
 and trees or in the skies of the rolling valley below.

Our General Manager loves to run on the farm and along the forest and village trails.  If the high elevation is not bothersome, (5,700 feet) join in!  
A great way to see the village.

A Village and Forest Life

Ngorongoro Forest Walk*
Just inside the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, a 150-meter waterfall beckons travelers to enjoy a light hike through the forest highlands. Along the way, experience the ‘elephant caves’, cave-like structures created by elephants digging up the earth to ingest the vitamin & mineral-rich soil.

The Hippo Pools Sunset Safari and Bush Dinner *
Leave the farm late afternoon for cocktails at the stunning Hippo Pools sunset spot. A guided late afternoon and evening game drive through the famous Lake Manyara National Park culminates in a bush dinner.  The vehicle with open sides and a canvas top affords a more intimate experience.  African nocturnal animals are some of the most exciting to observe - and can only be viewed on a night drive.  

* Surcharge may apply. 
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