Gibb’s Farm



Elemurran (eh-lay-moor-AN),

Ocimum Suave

This traditional Maasai warming, harmonizing tea comes from the leaves of the Elemurran plant. It is used to sooth the stomach, aid digestion, relieve stressand headaches.

This medicine is made from the dried leaves and stems of a native East African herb that grows in the Ngoronogoro Forest and other cool, shady mountain areas though out Maasai Land. Its Maa name literally means ‘of the warriors’ reflecting the young men’s fondness for chewing it to ward off bad breath.

Botanical illustrator Riziki Kateya, SANAA Artist-in-Residence for the past few seasons, has been documenting select medicines growing in the gardens and forests of Gibb’s Farm.  For more information, click here.

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