Imagine traveling to a spa in the heart of East Africa, the cradle of humankind, and discovering a vibrant, healthy community deep in the lush forest. A welcoming historic farmhouse and gardens with little cottages are tucked into the hillside.

The bounty of a working organic farm unfolds on the slopes below. Gentle staff from the onsite clinic and spa visit with travelers in the gardens and cottages, thoughtfully designed for rejuvenation

and relaxation.

The remarkable power and harmony of this place is the backdrop for a unique program of healing and self-discovery guided by highly trained traditional Maasai healers.

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  Gibb’s Farm
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The Living Spa invites you to connect fully with every aspect of Gibb’s Farm at one’s own pace and in one’s own way.  Treatments, excursions and healing journeys are available.  Based on the most successful models of integrative medical centers, the science of western medicine and wisdom of indigenous healing afford personal, effective, and unforgettable healing experience.         We offer:

  1. indigenous treatments, offered in the comfort of one’s residence or in more traditional local settings of a Maasai Boma (dwelling) and forest;

  2. integrated medicine clinic-based (spa) products and (plant) phyto-medicines that are harvested and prepared locally;              

  3. wonderful fresh organic local food;

  4. active lifestyles of walks, bike rides, and special longer journeys, and;

  5. personal healer-lead personal journeys to fully engage the environment, culture, and biospheres.  Some would call this the ultimate safari.

  The Living Spa
Africa is a destination where outer experience and inner journey come together to serve both traveler and the world they travel. Imperceptibly woven into the location and local culture, The African Living Spa ® provides an intimate, authentic connection by facilitating a harmonious bridge between the traveler, the place, the people and surrounding natural habitat.  It makes for a deeply memorable experience.  It is an ultimate healing journey in nature, with nature, naturally.

Each of the world’s indigenous health systems and their environments offer incredible opportunities for alternative health solutions.  Healthfulness improves when the power of such systems and their environments are employed.  When fully connected to themselves, their surroundings, those around them, and the natural healing power of the elements, the African Living Spa creates the context where travelers can naturally retune and reconnect.  Away from one’s normal daily life and immersed in the natural rhythms of a healthy, harmonious setting, the traveler fully experiences the natural elements that nurture life — water, earth, minerals, people, plants, animals and intangible spirit of place. Creating a deeply personal event, The Living Spa awakens us to develop new and very personal, healthier lifestyle solutions.  

Beyond the opportunity to experience a flowing journey to personal wellness, your participation also gives back. Through the Living Spa, indigenous knowledge is preserved by use and study. As one benefits from the harmony and power of the people and place you will bring back to your world that knowledge and experience that validates, honors and preserves indigenousknowledge for future generations.

Take a journey where you can come to your own place of harmony and leave knowing not only how to create your own life as a Living Spa – a place that supports the renewed you – but a healthier world for all to share.  

  Healing Hotel of the World
Gibb’s Farm is HHoW’s newest member and part of the leading global collection of hotels, resorts and retreats offering holistic health and healing. The African Living Spa ® at Gibb’s Farm is the only African destination otherwise dominated by Asian, Western European and Pacific options.   For more information see ‘About Us’.
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The Living Spa

Be healed within Nature, 
by Nature, Naturally.
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Africa is a destination where outer experience and inner journey come together to serve both traveler and the world they travel.